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How many times…?

How many times have you given up on something you wanted because of a setback or two? How many times have you let other people convince you something is impossible? How many times have you decided to play it safe instead of just going for it? How many times have you said, “I'd do it [...]

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Humble Beginnings—From Garage to Giant

Nothing says “Everything Started As Nothing” like the stories of incredibly successful companies or even corporations that started in the humblest of locations—garages. Hard as it may be to believe, global juggernaut companies like Disney, Apple, Google, and many others, all had their first headquarters their owners' cramped garages. So the next time you have [...]

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Working for dreams is what makes them worth it

If dreams were easy to achieve, there would be nothing special about them. After all, isn't the amount of time and work you had to put into something part of what makes finally getting that something so special? In chasing your dreams, you have to remember that it often takes patience and sacrifice to fulfill [...]

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5 big tips to get you motivated to start your day off right

Get Sleep. I know you are not in grade school anymore and can set whatever hours you want to but eventually as we get older it will catch up with you. If you set a regular sleep schedule then your days should start off well and you might not even need that first cup of [...]

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