If dreams were easy to achieve, there would be nothing special about them. After all, isn’t the amount of time and work you had to put into something part of what makes finally getting that something so special? In chasing your dreams, you have to remember that it often takes patience and sacrifice to fulfill them. And that’s totally okay! What’s important is that you succeed in the end.


Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dernberger of South Africa are great examples of just how far you can go to fulfill your dreams. Both successful professionals, they decided life was too short to spend in an office, and they decided to leave the rat race behind to live their dreams of traveling the world. The hundreds of photos they share on their social media depict breathtaking mountains and pristine beaches and can make even the most serene amongst us envious. As incredible as their adventures sound and look, however, Chanel and Stevo are not the only people out there who decided to just get up and go make their dreams of seeing the world reality. What does make them different is how honest they are about their experiences. Yes, they’ve seen hundreds of amazing places and done lots of incredible things, but they’ve worked hard for every second of joy and pleasure they’ve experienced. After all, even budget traveling isn’t free, and nobody knows this better than Chanel and Stevo, who have been doing all sorts of odd jobs all over the world to pay for their trip. They’ve scrubbed toilets. They’ve shoveled rocks. They’ve washed stacks of dishes. They know what hard work means, and they know how wonderful being rewarded for your own hard work is.

Chanel and Stevo’s dream of traveling the world is just one of the thousands of dreams out there, and it’s time you decided what yours is and started working towards achieving it. It may not always be easy, but we’re sure you’ll agree that nothing beats the feeling of making your dream come true!

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Written by the ChaseMyDream.com Team