In 2013, I fell and broke both of my shoulders at the same time. Ouch right, yup. For four months, I needed help getting dressed and feeding myself and I couldn’t live by myself. I needed to live with my sister that summer. I felt like that was the worst summer ever right? Ending up with 10 pins and two plates in each shoulder but no. My main goal that summer was to get back on my own and to be independent again as I was before I fell.

I had a lot of help that summer with all of my siblings. Even though I was limited to being able to do certain things I was determined to get back to work as soon as possible. This was my dream at the time. I did all my Physical Therapy exercises was released from Home Health in August and continued down to my path of getting back to my life.

Some people would have given up after having a bad fall like this and yes I will admit, it was very painful and I am still doing physical therapy today at my Home Health PT’s office. There are times I still can’t reach for a glass in the cabinet and have had to ask for help with that. I have learned to do that over the past two years. I have also learned to rearrange my kitchen so it better fits my needs since I can’t use two of the top shelves.

So after 2.4 years after my fall, and after starting from nothing basically, I have made great progress. I can do almost all the things I was able to do before my fall except for reaching behind my back. That I may never get to do again due to my limitation with the plates. I can drive and also work again and I am back living in my apartment on my own with my two cats. So see if even after a major life event, things can happen. You just need to believe in yourself and the process and it will happen.

“Written by the EverythingStartedAsNothing.com Team.”