1. tipsGet Sleep. I know you are not in grade school anymore and can set whatever hours you want to but eventually as we get older it will catch up with you. If you set a regular sleep schedule then your days should start off well and you might not even need that first cup of coffee to get your day going. Ok well you can still have that. Some tips to start that good sleep are to turn off all your devices at 7:30pm. At least 2 hrs. before bed time that way you will be able to wind down easier. Make sure you can get at least 7 to 9 hrs. of quality sleep. That should be a big energy booster.
  2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast. No coffee is not consider as a major breakfast item. To some just coffee is but it is not as healthy as you may think. If you can get a high fiber breakfast in you to start your day of right that should take you through to lunch time. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day and that’s really the trick if you eat a sugary breakfast you will feel crappy and irritable so you won’t feel motivated to get the things done on your list that day.
  3. Water…Stay hydrated. Most of us do not drink enough water during the day to stay hydrated. It’s important for your body and also mind. The more water you drink the healthier you are and it will also help you lose weight as well.
  4. Stay Focused. The night before you go to bed, right a list of things that you need to get done the next day and stick to that list. Check off each item that you get done on that list and the ones you don’t just move them over to the next day to complete. I know sometimes distractions will play a part in whether you get all of your items done but remember your goal is to get all those items done.
  5. Exercise. My least favorite thing to do. If you are like me, and sit in front of a laptop most of your day you do need to get up and move about every 40 minutes or so. If you do this though out the day it will help your body, mind, and spirt. It’s not always good to sit in front of the screen for hours and stare blankly off in to space.

If you try these tips for at least 3 weeks straight it will become a regular habit. It takes up to 21 days to change a habit. If you need to work on these one at a time that’s ok to. Just get yourself going and don’t fret if you can’t do them all right away it takes time but if you stay motivated and stick with it then you will seek the prize at the end of the day. Which is one step closer to your dream.

Written by the ChaseMyDream.com Team tips